Personnel logistics

A charter for a company is a type of private flight that is ordered to quickly and comfortably move a group of employees to another city or country. Our airline MSKY has vast experience in organizing the logistics of personnel and offers you a guarantee of the success of an air transportation of any complexity.

When a charter is required for a company

A staff charter is usually ordered for:

• holding a meeting;
• meetings with foreign contractors and partners;
• organization of team building or training;
• performing urgent work in a new place;
• corporate leisure.

What tasks do charter transportation of personnel solve

A charter for staff performs the following important functions:

1. Helps to get to where regular flights do not go. An alternative to a charter for the company in this case is only a transfer flight, which is simply unprofitable due to the loss of time. In addition, he tires people, which is simply unacceptable before an important business event.
2. Provides cost savings. This is especially noticeable in high season, when tickets for regular flights are getting more expensive. Of course, charter transportation of personnel is cheaper than regular flights only when a whole group of people, and not several people, participate in them.
3. Allows you to correctly spend time. A charter for the company allows you to start important negotiations right in the air. If necessary, in an airplane, you can discuss a plan for further work without strangers nearby. This is especially true when the flight lasts more than one or two hours.

Features of personnel logistics from MSKY

MSKY arranges charters for personnel from the oil and gas, engineering, construction, entertainment, financial, trade, pharmaceutical and any other field. We offer specific services, for example, air transportation of shift workers to hard-to-reach places. Often, air transportation of shift workers is urgently required and involves the transportation of special equipment. We all arrange it.

Our company provides a high level of passenger comfort during flights of any duration. Already at the airport terminal, the participants of the charter for the company feel that they are being taken care of. Travelers pass registration and passport control of individual desks without annoying lines and other inconveniences.

The charters for the staff that we arrange are always sent and landed exactly on schedule. We offer our customers to choose the most convenient date and time of the trip. It can be early morning, afternoon, evening, or even late night.