Solemn Events

Recently, the leaders of large companies have begun to become more aware of the importance of joint rest of employees. Many organizations arrange trips for their employees within the country and abroad. Such trips involve participation in seminars, forums and sports competitions, and sometimes they have a purely tourist focus.

Assigning Event Charters

A large number of people usually go on corporate trips, which makes it difficult to book airline tickets. Either they are not available, or the travel dates do not coincide with those offered by the airlines. Often there is simply no air service to the point of arrival.

Flights that are carried out on a leased plane, perfectly solve the problems of moving to and from destination. Such charters allow company executives not to adapt to the airline schedule and not lose valuable working time waiting for a flight at the airport, and therefore are in great demand.

Benefits of event flights

Event charters have a number of significant advantages over other flight options. Among them:

1. Full independence. You can independently choose the date and exact time of departure, if necessary, change the lists of passengers right before departure, request a specific meal and do much more.
2. The ability to start an event right on board. During the event charter, you can freely communicate with employees, hold a meeting or arrange a presentation. This helps save time.
3. Motivation of employees. Employees who participate in the event flight feel that the company management takes care of them. In addition, on board employees come closer. This improves the situation within the team and the workflow as a whole.

Our offer

Our company organizes event flights. We are ready to make the trip for your employees comfortable and memorable. We treat event charters entrusted to us with all responsibility and conduct flights from the moment of conclusion of the contract until the landing at the airport.

Any delays or cancellations of event flights are excluded. In the event of a breakdown of the airliner, it is urgently replaced. The charters ordered from us are carried out in strict accordance with the pre-drawn up departure and arrival plan.

You can request from us the organization of an urgent event charter or flight accompanied by a personal manager. We will take into account your wishes and make you the best offer.