Sport charters

A sports charter is an excellent solution for transporting a team, a group of fans, relatives and friends of athletes, sponsors or VIP guests. Most often they use it to move a team that is on tour. A sports charter belongs to the category of event flights and is always organized upon individual request.

Features of sports charters for teams

Sports schedules do not always coincide with airline schedules. Moreover, during periods of increased demand for airline tickets, suitable airline options may not be available at all. The sports charter completely eliminates this problem, in particular, allows you to independently select the desired date and time of departure.

On tour, the team usually sorely lacks time. In the case of ordering a regular flight, athletes have to languish in the waiting rooms at airports. An event charter flight eliminates this need and allows you to arrive at the place of departure immediately before the departure of the aircraft. In addition, this option of moving does not require idle time in queues.

In sports, the team’s attitude to win is very important. During a charter flight during the tour, athletes can talk enough, discuss the upcoming game or a festive event (for example, rewarding) in a pleasant environment, watch the broadcasts of previous matches without fear of distracting someone or just bother other passengers.

Sporting event charters can significantly save the budget allocated to the team for the tour. Those who book charter flights pay a fixed amount for the plane, regardless of the number of people on board. If there are a lot of passengers, then a charter is cheaper than ordering a separate ticket for each athlete.

What is included in the sports charter

The cost of a sports charter for a team that goes on tour includes a range of services:

• selection of the optimal route;
• aircraft rental;
• services of a pilot and maintenance personnel;
• meals and amenities on board;
• a well-thought-out action plan in case of aircraft breakdown or transfer of a competition by the organizer.

Some customers prefer to order additional services from us, such as arranging a ground transfer to the desired location and save themselves from unnecessary trouble.

Benefits of our service

Over the years, we managed to conduct hundreds of sporting event charters. We work with groups of any size and deliver teams to the most different points of the globe. Our company understands the importance of timely arrival at a competition or a festive event and guarantees no delays.