VIP corporate charters

Corporate VIP charters are arranged for large businessmen and executives who need to get to their destination quickly and comfortably. MSKY is ready to take full responsibility for organizing a business flight.

Features of VIP charters

VIP charter is different from a regular private flight. It provides a range of additional services on board and is carried out on a luxury aircraft. During the corporate charter, passengers are served with utmost care, and a personal manager is provided to the customer to quickly resolve organizational issues.

The presence on board of multimedia equipment and all the necessary furniture allows passengers of the VIP liner to solve business issues, negotiate and even conclude transactions on the way, saving time. Wi-Fi makes it possible to conduct negotiations in a convenient online mode.

Aircraft that participate in corporate VIP flights are always divided into several zones, which allows passengers to do their own business. If desired, participants in the charter can relax in a separate room, take a shower and just relax on comfortable upholstered furniture.

If the flight is dedicated to some kind of celebration, you can order a catering service and start the celebration right in the air. Passengers who participate in the corporate VIP charter can enjoy meals from a pre-agreed menu or treats from their favorite restaurant.

Our service

The advantages of ordering a corporate VIP charter in our company MSKY are as follows:

1. Premium service. We offer exclusive services at all stages of cooperation: from the documentation of the transaction to the arrival at the destination.
2. Privacy. We guarantee full confidentiality. No one will know about the passengers on board, the liner involved and any other travel details.
3. Personal schedule. We are ready to enter a corporate VIP charter in any, even in the busiest schedule. If necessary, a private flight is easily coordinated with a regular flight.
4. Organization and guaranteed departure on time. We will find a way out even in the event of a sudden breakdown of the aircraft immediately before departure and we will solve any other difficulties in favor of the customer.
5. A huge selection of aircraft and airports. We are ready to offer you several options of VIP liners available for flying at once, and deliver to anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the nearest airport accepts regular flights to it.