Pilgrimage Tours

Pilgrimage tours to the holy places never lose their relevance. People go to them regardless of the time of year, the economic situation and other external factors. In such trips to the destination it is easier, more convenient and more profitable to travel by a pilgrimage charter, which can be ordered in our company.

The importance of pilgrimage charters

Pilgrimage trips have special dietary, hygienic and religious requirements. All of them simply cannot be observed on regular flights. During the charter, on the contrary, our company does everything possible to satisfy any specific needs of travelers.

In the case of a charter, a pilgrimage tour starts right in the air. During a charter flight, it is easier for travelers to get to know each other, discuss the nuances of the trip with the organizer, and start learning about the history of holy places, the life of monks and church art using a TV and other equipment on board.

Pilgrimage charters help to not depend on the airline schedule, which is far from always convenient. Particular difficulties with booking tickets for regular flights arise in the high season, that is, in the summer. At this time of the year, airline tickets for a large group of tourists may simply not be on sale.

Pilgrimage charters depart anywhere in the world, which distinguishes them from regular flights. Often ordinary planes do not fly to holy places, and travelers have to spend hours, or even days, to get to them by land transport. Pilgrimage charters help save time and less get tired on the way.

Our services and benefits of working with us

Since 2011, our company MSKY has been organizing pilgrimage charters. Our planes fly in any direction. At the moment, we managed to transport more than 3,000 pilgrims and help dozens of organizers of religious tours.

We offer the following benefits from working with us:

1. Cost savings. Using a pilgrimage charter for transporting a large group of tourists is financially more expedient than booking a separate plane ticket for each person.
2. No delays. Regular flights are often late. This forces the organizers to change the travel schedule, refuse to visit part of the religious places and creates tangible inconvenience. We guarantee that the plane will fly out of the airport exactly at the scheduled time and land without delay.
3. Individual approach. We will organize a round-trip trip at dates convenient for you, offer the best food option, and if necessary, take responsibility for the ground transfer. In other words, our staff will completely save you from the hassle.